We offer a specific program, aimed at increasing your overall strength and conditioning levels resulting in serious and rapid fat loss, coupled with an increased metabolic rate, CrossFit Infinitum helps you to exceed your fitness goals, giving you the energy you need to get more out life! We invite you to start your fitness journey today at CrossFit Infinitum and realise your true potential – no matter what your age or fitness level is!

For those experienced CrossFitters in Sydney looking for a change of environment or would simply like to meet new and like-minded people, we invite you to drop in and try out CrossFit Infinitum today.
Take advantage of the convenience of joining a CrossFit gym; one membership gives you unlimited classes, and coaching.

Special Memberships
- Police, Military, Emergency Services, SES

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Although CrossFit is many things to many fitness enthusiasts around the globe today, in a few words CrossFit is a fitness regime that quantifies the progressive load of the exercise activity inside of a varied, high intensity, communal framework, utilising functional movement, resulting in maximum fat loss, increased lean muscle mass and elevated fitness levels for the participant.
CrossFit is set in a supportive team environment where each member motivates one another during those last crucial repetitions of the movement they are challenged with. This innovative fitness framework was originally designed over many decades by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai in Santa Cruz, California back in 2000 and now boasts a global following in excess of 500,000+ participants.

What People Are

Saying About Us

Marc Iacono

"Congratulations Oli, you've built an amazing business and an awesome place to come to day after day to make us all the better/ fitter etc. Thanks again”

Kathy Srdanovic

"Congrats, a real achievement. It's a great place to work out and you guys are doing a great job.”

Catherine Natoli

“Oliver, to run any business successfully, first and foremost is to have passion, dedication and professionalism, of which you demonstrate every session I attend, and I wish to thank you and also Kim, for helping me to become a better person both physically and mentally - to heights that I never thought possible, congratulations on your first year!!”

Mitch Bailey

"Firstly thanks to you and Kim for the training over the past 2 months now, it's been a welcome addition to my routine each week. Beyond getting fit and healthy this has also been an exercise in building discipline and self confidence that flows into other areas of my life and I have been noticing a growth in those areas as well. What you guys do goes well beyond just the physical well being, 12 months back I was at a pretty low point in my life having been dealing with depression and anxiety on and off since my teenage years, and I can happily say that I am in the best and happiest place I have been in as long as I can remember the past few months and getting my health in order and making it a priority has been a big contributor to that, so thanks again help and guidance!"